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Specializing in individually hand made, high-performance electric bass guitars. Various scale lengths, models, and options including my natural sounding and very powerful Muckelroy preamp. Click for more information...

Stringed Instrument Repair
Electric and acoustic stringed instruments. Austin to San Antonio... I work out of a San Marcos workshop minutes from I-35. Quick turnaround and meticulous fret work are specialties. 512.618.1781
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Extensive live & studio experience as bassist & drummer, also solo bass composition & performance with two CD releases. Any style, charts or on the fly, Austin to San Antonio call
512.618.1781 ~ Click here for demos & links
Watch & listen to me demo a new bass with my Muckelroy preamp!
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Bass Player magazine, quoted in an article on fretless bass conversion... and a couple of recent pictures from the workshop.

Music is my life
and livelihood; it's what the gifts and opportunities given to me along the way have added up to. It's what I feel I'm called to do.

I have been blessed to follow the path of music into many areas and multiple instruments, to play for so many in so many different bands, work with hundreds of students and even demo gear at NAMM, and now to be offering my high performance hand made basses.

The goal with a Muckelroy bass is a simple one; craft a tool of inspiration that will be stable, roadworthy, and full of tone. Having owned and modified high-end basses such as Bee, Alembic, Carvin, Zon and American Fenders - and worked on many more - I bring an understanding of various preamps & controls, pickups and boutique construction techniques to each build and can tailor my designs to your needs.

For the tall players out there, I'm 6'3" and though happy to build for people of all sizes I understand the proportions of a bass that will be comfortable standing or seated on a taller body.

I do some side work helping out at Birdsong Guitars and SD Curlee USA; please feel free to contact them as references should you be considering one of my basses. (512) 392-4400.

Please contact me anytime about a custom build, what is already in process that may be available, or any of my musical services. 

Thank you,
Brady Muckelroy

(To see what's involved in a custom hand made instrument, go here)

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